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How To Keep Your Jewels Safe To Ensure Their Longevity?

An industry expert’s advice on how to maintain your jewellery With proper care and maintenance your jewels can last forever. A little effort in prevention will save you from many troubles down the road. Therefore, we have prepared a guide for jewellery owners who wish to take the best possible care of their jewels. Read…

An Expert Jeweller’s Advice for Cleaning Jewels Safely at Home

Jewels Are Meant to Catch the Light As Cleaning jewels is about finding the right method for the right jewel and about preventing dullness without creating damage. Cleaning methods for jewels depend on a piece’s gemstones, metals, finishes, and setting. It is very easy to apply the right remedy to the wrong jewel. What restores…

Make a Statement!

By definition remarkable and unique, a statement jewel is one that stands out first in an outfit. Do you remember Angelina Joli’s outfit at the 2009 Oscars? No, you remember her fantastic Columbian emerald ear pendants. They could have been the eponym of a statement jewel! In fine jewellery, statement pieces translate into 4 categories: bold gold jewels, extraordinary gems, artist jewellery, and striking design.

On the Rocks!

In a few weeks mothers will be celebrated all over the world. In these times of uncertainty and confinement, we reflect on how we lead our lives. Furthermore, how do we build a legacy for our children? What opportunities can we create for them.? We return to the essentials. Our new “On the Rocks!” campaign features jewels by two brilliant Parisian jewellery designers: Patrice Fabre and Thierry Vendome.


When words fail, jewels speak! Jewellery is more than a symbol, it carries precious emotions. This month we celebrate love with words by our founder’s favourite philosopher and discover in image OnlyJewels newcomers, Isabelle Langlois and Daymard, two talented designers with a particular sense of romance.

Off White

When entering the new decade, who can resist imagining the ten years to come? Let’s imagine a curated life where less is more. In this Off White campaign, we introduce you to two french jewellery designer: Tournaire and Chalvet Paris. Their universes contrast beautifully, one is architectural, the other in motion.